honor your memories through print

honor your memories through print

We are living in the most photographed generation, yet 50+ years from now there will be nothing to show for it. Your photographs are not meant to simply live and die on your hard drive. My mission is to put beautifully designed albums into every one of my clients' hands. 

do them justice...

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If you've made it this far it means that your memories mean something to you, that you want to create a legacy, and that you care more about your photographs than just teasing a few out there into the void of social media. 

After your wedding, you will first view your images through an album pre-design that I have carefully curated for you. Then we will begin the process of customizing your design to tell the story of your big day - just the way you like it. 

together we will tell your story

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Here's What we'll do:

Craft your story

Starting with an album pre-designed to tell your story in a beautiful and cohesive way, we will then go through the design together and make sure all your favorite images are included.

There are many cover options to choose from. From linen to leather, velvet, and suede. A custom-designed cover sets the tone for your storybook.

Then you will select your paper finishes, gilding, foil stamps, and more. All the details that will bring this once-in-a-lifetime investment to life.

Select finishing details

Design the Cover

step one: storytelling

The images aren't the only thing that I create beautifully for you - but the design and telling of the story matters too.

We will create a story arc for your album, the way an author creates a story arc for a novel. A strong opening, setting the scene, revealing the characters, watching the plot unfold through I dos, cheers, and the dance party. And then finishing the book with a beautiful ending that punctuates your story. 

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step two: Album cover selection

There are a wide variety of covers to choose from. I encourage you to consider the overall color scheme of your wedding or session, your personal style, as well as the style of your home where the albums will be displayed and loved.

step three: Paper finishes

All paper finishes are flush-mount, photographic print. This means your album will be a storybook full of archival, developed photographs, rather than inkjet printed onto press paper. Your wedding album deserves several steps of quality above what you can find through those consumer-level mass printers.

step Four: optional extras

Personalize your wedding storybook through custom details such as page gilding, acrylic covers, various size options and other finishing touches.

Et Voila!
Your wedding album design process is complete and it will be on its way to your home in no time! 

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"our wedding album is absolutely stunning and was worth every penny"

And so is the way that you experience them. There is something so special about holding your album in your hands and flipping through the pages. Diving deep into each story that is told through the images. The touch and feel of the pages and leather cover. It's an experience absolutely unmatched by scrolling on a screen.

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Receiving your wedding album is the last step of your wedding photography journey with me.

But don't worry, we will still be friends!

And once you're an SWP couple you can have me capture all your future important life moments, too!