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"elegance is the only beauty that never fades"

-audrey hepburn

small talk is for strangers,
but we're going to be fast friends, i can tell...

Chicago illinois fine art & documentary wedding photographer

Hey there, I’m Steph. I have a bachelor's in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University, and I believe that having an understanding of people is vital to portrait photography. 

My creative influences come from photography greats such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, and Annie Liebovitz to name a few. Inspired by your personalities and vibe, I take a documentary and fine art approach to wedding days. I believe that your wedding images should not only be drop dead gorgeous, but authentic and timeless as well. 

I believe strongly in the power of print and that the images we create deserve far better treatment than simply for posting on Facebook and Instagram. I believe in the value of seeing your artwork daily on the walls of your home. And that holding your albums in your hand, slowly looking through the images, touching the pages, and savoring each moment held within is an experience unmatched by any other viewing platform. 

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me taking my kids and poodle to the park, exploring new cities with the fam, or out for wine and small plates with friends. 

I consider myself an introverted people person and I love getting to know people underneath the layers and personas we all put out on social media, to get to the real heart of what makes each person tick. 

You are in one of the most magical times as you prepare to build a life with the person you love the most in this world. I couldn’t be more honored to explore this time together with you and capture it in a way that shows future generations who you are and what matters most to you.

Hello, friend!

My kids drive me, they push me to become a better person, a better mother, a better listener. They also push my buttons and make me wonder if I am even cut out for this role of motherhood. But they are each incredible beings with strengths and weaknesses all their own. Getting to watch them grow and develop their own interests and talents is an honor and a joy.

Being a mother is both the hardest and greatest thing I have ever done.

Favorite things

I grew up with cats and never thought I would in a million years have a dog, but now Fiona is my baby and I don't even know how I ever functioned without her!!! She is the fluffiest, sweetest little pup I ever did see and she made our family complete. If you are a dog person, I finally understand you and would love to get your furry little one in some photos with you during your engagement session or maybe even your wedding!

"Fiona is my baby and I don't know how I ever functioned without her"

Favorite things

I may not live in Chicago or even technically in a suburb, but I do consider myself a city girl. Some of my favorite family weekend getaways as a kid were spent downtown Chicago. Staying in a boutique hotel, shopping up and down Michigan Avenue, hanging out at Navy Pier, and hitting up the Taste of Chicago. We always had a great time and now I love to take my own kids downtown to explore the Windy City.

"Some of my favorite family weekend getaways as a kid were spent downtown Chicago"

City Life

Favorite things

Any chance I get to explore a new city is an opportunity to learn a little more about other cultures - and myself. To me, each city has its own personality - from the hip and lively NYC to the laid-back and friendly Nashville, to active and cheerful San Francisco. Each city brings out a different side of the human personality and spirit.

"Travel is the best way to learn about yourself"


Favorite things

Every summer for the past few years we have taken a trip up to Lake Michigan at the Indiana Dunes to get away for a weekend and stick our toes in the sand. There's this little diner we stumbled upon when we got lost our first visit there and they have the best BBQ we've found in the north. If you ever head up there shoot me a message and I'll get you the restaurant info.

"Sun on your face, sand on your toes"

Beach Days

Favorite things

My BFF and I celebrated 30 years of friendship this year. (We met when we were 5, so I'll let you do the math on our age ;) ) Our friendship is so special to both of us that we decided to do a big trip to celebrate. Neither of us had been to San Fransisco before so we headed out west to visit the City by the Bay (and see the Full House house, duh). It was an AMAZING adventure together and I wouldn't have traded it for the world!!

"When you're lost out there and you're all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home"


Favorite things


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